Blackhead Vacuum Suction Pore Vacuum Cleaner Facial Blackhead Acne Removal Tools 3 Colors Light Photon Rejuvenation Skin Care

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Function Deeply and effectively clean blackhead Make your skin free breathe and health, 
Massage and brighten your face, then reduce fine lines. 
5 Strong Suction Levels and 5 Replaceable Suction Heads 3 colors beauty lamp care, increases skin elasticity
How to use: 
STEP 1: Clean your face, use the blackhead educe liquid or facial steamer to open the pore. 
STEP 2: According to your requirements, choose among the Five Level Suction. Start with the lowest. 
STEP 3: Move the blackhead cleanser back and forth around the pore with a constant speed, slowly move, do not stay in one place for too long to avoid injury, and do not press it hardly or pull vertically. 
STEP 4: After washing your face, please use ice towel or cold water or shrinking liquid to restore the treated pore.

Packing Included: 1 x Blackhead Remover 5 x Probe 1 x USB Charge Cable 1 x Facial Cleansing Pad 1 x Pack of Isolation Pads 1 x Manual

Powerful Type

5 Replaceable Suction Heads

Oval Hole Head——Large suction : Reduce micro wrinkle on the corner of the eyes and mouths , making your skin smooth and tightened. Small Hole Suction——Weaker Suction : Remove blackhead and lifting your skin , increase skin elasticity. Medium Hole Suction Head 1 —— Remove the stains of the skin where hard to clean . cleaning more thoroughly Medium Hole Suction Head 2 —— Using any area on face , sightly larger than small head Large Hole Suction Head —— Large Suction : Easier to remove T-area stubbom blackhead grease , cosmetic residue etc.


1、5 Adjustable Suction Power 2、3 Colors Beauty Lamp 3、5 Replaceable Suction Heads 4、Low Noise Effect 5、USB Rechargeable Eco-friendly


Red Light Tender Nursing Mode : Red light wavelength 620nm , promise collagen regeneration , tender skin , restore skin elasticity Green Light White Nursing Mode : Green light wavelength 530nm , decompose melanin , bright skin whitening , let skin return water tender and transparent Blay-ray Repair Nursing Mode : Blue light wavelength 415nm , antiphlogistic and sterilization , the inhibition of skin secretion , repair skin rough , damage and other problem


Traditional : Surface Cleansing Double Couple : Deep Cleansing


1、Remove your makup and cleansing face 2、Get a warm towel on face for 5 mins to open up pores 3、Apply deriving lotion to release blackheads for 5 mins 4、Recommend to use weakest intensity first to test it out 5、Move the equipment back & forth around the sport slowly , NEVER leave it on the same spot over 3s in case of skin bruise 6、After cleaning face , apply a facial mask to shrinking pores

How to replace sponge & beauty heads

Blackhead Vacuum Suction Pore Vacuum Cleaner Facial Blackhead Acne Removal Tools 3 Colors Light Photon Rejuvenation Skin Care

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Material: ABS
Commodity Quality Certification: ce
Function: Facial Clean
Function: Skin Tightening
Size: 10.9*5.8*19cm
Type: Blackhead Remover
Model Number: Pore Vacuum Cleanser
Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
Item Name: Pore Vacuum Cleanser
Vacuum Suction Tools: Blackhead Removal Beauty & Health
Face Clean Machine: Pore Blackhead Acne Removal
Skin Care Tools: Beauty Device
Certificate: CE FDA

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