Riding mask camouflage headgear

  • $12.99 USD

  • Name: Magic Headscarf
  • Material: 95% polyester fiber + 5% spandex
  • Weight: 42G
  • Size: 42x25cm
  • Product function: sunscreen, UV protection, wind and sand, and mosquitoes

The thickness of this headgear is suitable for spring, summer and autumn, and it is not warm in winter (sun protection and UV protection). It is generally worn inside the helmet, not alone. If worn alone, it is generally used for outdoor riding sports to prevent wind and sand, and it cannot be used as a warm headgear. Don't buy it back and say it is too thin to keep warm. This headgear is a thin type, a thin masked hood.

The quality is super elastic, thin and breathable, which can prevent wind and sand from blowing into the hair, ears, nose and mouth. It is a good protective equipment for windy and sandstorm areas in spring, summer and autumn. Also suitable for riding bicycles, motorcycles, battery cars, windproof, dustproof and anti-ultraviolet


1. The material is milk silk, which is comfortable and breathable; it is smoother and more elastic.

2. It has better elasticity and can completely cover every part of the head and neck, making it more fit and comfortable. Particularly lightweight and easy to maintain.

2. Although it is thin, it has strong elasticity and is suitable for preventing dust and insects. Wearing it inside the helmet can better protect the head, ears and mouth. The length can completely wrap the neck to prevent mosquito bites and dust intrusion.

3. This kind of headgear is called Balaclava cap in foreign countries. It can cover the face, hide the identity, and protect the head. It is used in many fields. Such as simulation CS, outdoor wind and sand protection, sun protection, special environment dust protection, alpine skiing, head protection of racing athletes and so on.