Exerciser Sit-up Pull Rope Expander Elastic Bands Yoga

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3tube pedal resistance bands
2-1000abdominal training3-10004-1000

Pedal rally not like ordinary of cable can only exercise arm and chest it also can do hands and feet. Can practice arm, leg, waist, abdominal and other parts. At the same time with feet control compare the Stability

"With methods

1, prone position pulling

Feet fixed in pedal rally on bent over straight waist hands reverse grip hand, then straight upper body remember waist certain to keep upright.

2, supine pulling

Hands catch cable hand legs straight then start do supine the DO of action. Of course in. Of when can not completely under what, because what the after you have may play don't to down to you of maximum limit, in do this of when or to attention uniform don't suddenly and slow down.

3, leg pulling

First sit in to on feet fixed in pedal rally of pedal on, hands hold cable then lie down. Legs straight keeps the legs of straight pendulum. zai bai up (best was 90 degree ). This action is also arm and abs are practice of but more bias in ABS of training.

4, abdominal pulling

Sit in to on feet fixed in pedal rally of pedal on hands hold cable slowly back, leg up body into V-then relax leg and back straighten, then do volume abdominal action into V-repeat the above action strengthen exercise abdominal.

5, hands pulling

Standing or stool on are can of feet step on cable a In addition side with hands holding, step on tight after pulling down repeated this action can exercise forearm and biceps.

Name: Pedal Exerciser
Products size : Full-length 50, handle Long 26.5
Color: Green blue red purple yellow
Default Configuration: OPP bags
Style :4 Tube Fitness Resistance Bands